Reggie was born and raised in Savannah, GA. He is a decorated Navy veteran who, while serving in Viet Nam, was injured in a gunboat ambush and now uses a scooter to get around.

One month, his Navy disability check was accidentally diverted from his bank, and he discovered that it would be several weeks before the funds would be restored. Like many disabled veterans, Reggie is retired and lives on a fixed income. He has outlived his entire family, and, when rent payment came due, he did not have the money to pay his rent.

“Thankfully, the folks at my apartment complex told me about Apartment Angel, because I had a strong record of on-time payments,” he explained. “The application was simple and easy to complete. Two days later, I got the loan I needed to stay in my home. I was so relieved that I wasn’t going to be thrown out. I didn’t have any money to move and no place for any of my things. I thank my lucky stars that Apartment Angel was there.”

Reggie’s apartment manager, Tiffani, worked with him through his financial setback. “Reggie has always been a good resident, and I am grateful that our partnership with Apartment Angel offered us a way to help him. I don’t know many people that would go out of their way to get the maintenance crew treats from the Publix bakery just for making a small repair to their apartment, but that’s Reggie. “

After a few weeks Reggie’s funds were restored and he was able to repay his loan. “I come from the old school where you always pay your debts, and I’ve always tried to help everyone I could. I really appreciate Apartment Angel. Through the entire process I always felt like they were here to help me, they are like my family.”

Reggie concludes: “We need to get the word out, especially to other people like me who are good renters but sometimes need a little help.”