Apartment Angel prevents homelessness by providing interest-free loans for one month’s rent.

Apartment Managers

Apartment Managers

Community Managers, we can help you retain good residents struggling with a short-term financial challenge.


Have you always paid your rent on time but find yourself facing a short financial hardship?  We can help.


Your support helps give deserving families a second chance to stay in their homes and avoid eviction.

Success Stories

Reggie was born and raised in Savannah, GA. He is a decorated Navy veteran who, while serving in Viet Nam, was injured in a gunboat[...]
Meet Patricia
March 2, 2016 | No Comments
Patricia has always prided herself on paying her bills on time, but, after relocating from Boston to Savannah, she experienced an unexpected and costly medical emergency. “I was facing too many[...]
In the past, we could not help residents suffering from a short-term financial hardship.  If they could not pay their rent I had to evict[...]

Important Information

27% of Evictions are Preventable

Founded by apartment professionals who have screened thousands of potential evictions, we have learned that over one quarter of evictions are unnecessary.

1/3 of Americans Live Paycheck to Paycheck

One unforeseen financial setback can propel them into a downward spiral that often leads to eviction and even homelessness.

We Work with Community Managers

Community managers help us to identify at risk residents and together we work to help them get back on their feet and remain a part of their communities.

Eviction is Costly

Preventing the eviction of just one individual can save taxpayers $38,000 per year in shelter costs.